Elevate Your Coaching & Empower Clients with The Fuelling Fitness Academy

Team up with a Renowned Chef & Nutrition Coach to bring Complete Nutrition Coaching & Support Made Easy for You & Your Clients.

What You’ll Get:

  • 2 Weekly Recipes with Video Tutorials

  • An extra Support System for Your Clients

  • Access to an Online Nutrition Academy for you & your clients

  • Social Media Reels

  • Live Meal Prep Classes

  • 6 Monthly Educational Trainings

  • On-Hand Business Advice

Elevate your coaching business and provide unmatched nutrition guidance to your clients. Let’s build your empire together!

Hey Coach,

Ever feel like you're coaching your heart out, but your clients just can't seem to stick with their nutrition plans? You know you have the knowledge and passion to help them reach amazing goals, but keeping them motivated and on the right track can be a real head-scratcher.

Been there, done that! I used to be that frustrated client, stuck and spinning my wheels. Now, guess what? I took all that hard-won knowledge – from years in restaurant kitchens perfecting flavours to crafting custom plans for big companies – and poured it all into one incredible program: The Fuelling Fitness Academy.

Why this Academy? Because it's not just another generic recipe pack. It's about ditching the frustration and actually seeing your clients crush their goals. Remember that feeling when a client finally breaks through a plateau? There's nothing quite like it!

The Academy is all about empowering you and your clients. I'm not here to throw generic advice at anyone. This is personalized, tailored to your coaching style and your clients' needs. It's like having a secret weapon in your coaching arsenal, packed with delicious, chef-created recipes that keep clients excited and engaged – no more bland, boring meals!

Ready to ditch the frustration and ignite real change in your clients? Lets Empower your business together

Chef Cath 💚

Unlock Explosive Client Results: Unleash the full potential of your coaching with the Academy's proven system, delicious recipes, and data-driven insights.

  • Effortless Client Adherence:

    Ditch bland meal plans & over complicated recipes. Our library of mouthwatering, chef-created recipes scientifically formulated for deliciousness keeps clients excited and sticking to their goals in easy to follow tutorials

  • Client Advocacy Dream Team:

    Empower clients to become your biggest cheerleaders & referral magnets through lasting results.

  • Free Up Your Time:

    Ready-to-use toolkit with templates, calculators & resources lets you focus on coaching, not planning.

  • Unlock Explosive Results:

    Our proven system with delicious recipes & data insights empowers YOU to create transformative results for your clients.

  • Certified Confidence Booster:

    Become known for being the go to coach in the industry for having the best resources

  • Boost Your Business & Empower Journeys:

    Offer premium coaching & attract high-paying clients with a program that delivers incredible results for all.

  • Motivation Mission Control:

    Master the art of keeping your clients fired up and focused. Unleash the secrets of building unwavering client momentum to crush their fitness goals.

  • Seamless Integration:

    No need to overhaul your system! Our program seamlessly integrates into existing coaching methods. Simply plug-and-play our tools and resources to supercharge your coaching practice instantly.

Don't Let Cost Be Your Kryptonite: Invest in Your Coaching Success!

We know building a thriving coaching business requires strategic investments.

But fear not, fellow coaches! The Fuelling Fitness Academy is designed to be an exceptional value proposition.

Here's why:

Unmatched ROI: Our program equips you with the tools and knowledge to deliver transformative results for your clients, leading to increased client satisfaction, referrals, and potentially higher coaching fees.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Our ready-to-use toolkit frees up valuable time you can spend scaling your business or taking on more clients.

Investment in Expertise: Add a fully qualified Chef & Nutrition Coach to your coaching team, allowing you to command premium rates as a trusted advisor.

Here's what some Coaches have to say:

Nic Buchan


Cath gives me and my clients exactly what I need. I can spend more time on my business and been able to invest in a course that strengthens me as a coach. I love having Cath on the team.

Laura Smith


My clients love Cath. She is always there to help as much as she can. I've been able to increase my prices since she has been on board and it's been amazing.

Susanna Morgan


My clients always struggled with what to eat before Cath joined, now I have delicious meals for my clients with high protein foods and nutrition trainings to help them further. This has been a game changer for me and my program.

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Coaching Journey? Limited Spots Available!

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